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Hailing from Southern California, Ia is a dance artist and educator, art facilitator, model, and certified Pilates instructor based in Wichita, KS. She is a recent graduate of the Wichita State University School of Performing Arts having completed her BA in dance under the guidance of Cheyla Clawson, Sabrina Vasquez, Nick Johnson, Denise Celestin, and Mina Estrada. Her most exciting occupation as of yet is her newly acquired role as a mother! As she navigates the many facets in her life, she maintains her goal to find balance in priorities and to deconstruct paradigms through her professional endeavors. 

 Ia has trained in all forms of dance, but has special emphasis on jazz, hip-hop, ballet and contemporary. She has had the honor of training with various choreographers and teachers such as Stefan Wenta, Dante Sevin, Glenda Carhart, and Lois Ellyn. In addition to dance, Ia is also a classically trained violinist as well as a fully certified Pilates instructor. She has received her music training primarily from the Colburn School of Music, Michael and Irina Tseitlin, and Mischa Lakirovich. In May 2018, she completed her Pilates/Dance Conditioning certification through Riverside City College under the guidance and mentorship of Anna Chavez, Kelly Lamoureux, Kirsten Johansen, Summer LeSuer, and Amanda Lupton, and is certified in both mat and equipment Pilates. 


On stage, she has performed in  the 2012 production, Hansel and Gretel with Nouveau Chamber Ballet, choreographed and directed by Lois Ellyn and had the opportunity to perform in a piece by Dante Sevin at the renowned The Carnival: Choreographer’s Ball in Los Angeles, CA.
On film, Ia has worked in collaboration with Rebekah Guerra in the 2020 dance film Ghetto: A Dance Film for Us. In 2021, she had the opportunity to collaborate with Rhiannon Vieyra in Flawed Social Perceptions as well as star as a lead in BRAVE NEW WORLD - Reimagined, written and directed by Nick Johnson.


During her undergraduate studies at Wichita State University, Ia served as the 2021-2022 president and artistic director of Mid-America Dance Theatre (MADT), a student organization and dance company within WSU  that is student run and produced. Ia has facilitated, directed and produced various dance showcases and improvisational performances throughout the greater Wichita area in eclectic venues including Mark Arts, Grace Memorial Chapel on WSU Campus (collaboration with Ulrich Museum), ShiftSpace Gallery, Cleveland Corner, and The Little Shop. 


Beginning in 2020, Ia has modeled throughout Wichita and Kansas City. She has shot with creatives such as Andru Marsh, Taylor St. John, Courtney Mitchell, and Mari Charlson. She has also done branding work for local Wichita-based small businesses like Black Label Candle Co., Urban Routine Wellness, and Vanya Designs.


Currently, Ia teaches hip-hop and jazz at Encore! Dance Studio and Wichita School of Performing Arts. She also serves as an assistant to Nick Johnson with mime theater education and productions at Wichita State University. Ia continues to perform and model locally within the greater Wichita area.

Artist Statement

My name is Ia Hawkins and I love to express my perception of music, sounds, and my environment through dance and movement.

As a choreographer, improviser, and performer, I aim to highlight details in music and my environment that may (or may not) have been seen or heard before by my audience.  My movement style is a unique contemporary blend - a culmination of my diverse dance training. I am especially drawn to and inspired by all things groovy, funky, and driven by a strong beat and/or bassline. 


As an art facilitator, I find great importance in creating performance opportunities that are equally engaging to both the audience and the performers. 

As a model, I bring photographers and creative directors ideas to life by utilizing my extensive dance training and experience in front of the camera lens. 

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